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At Nahrin we not only believe in our values, we live them every single day by running our Swiss family business. Sustainability, Swissness and top quality made us one of the largest direct sales companies in Switzerland. Let us inspire you with our key factors of success on which our business and our international partnerships are based.

Start your own business with Nahrin and become part of our international community, characterized by the following principles:

Committed to your customers trust

As experienced direct selling professionals, we see dialogue as a vital part of our customer and partner service. Mutual appreciation, trust and a common purpose unite our team who stand with our ideas and products. Due to our expertise, we identify and realize economic market trends at an early stage. This is how we make sure to meet your customer’s needs.

Sustainability is a living attitude

We see Nahrin’s sustainability standard as a small part of a larger whole: You will find it e.g. in our pioneering CO2-free production, in the way we support our staff, in our membership of different associations, and how carefully we interact with the environment and natural resources. After all, for decades nature has been Nahrin’s most important “supplier” of raw materials, that are sustainably and emission-free manufactured at our headquarter located in the heart of Switzerland.

Healthy both inside out

We believe that joy and a healthy lifestyle belong together. That is why our products are based on selected plant extracts and herbal essences, which underline our focus on rich, effective ingredients. For us, taste and well-being go hand in hand to make your customers feel good. Providing our customers products for a conscious, healthy and happy lifestyle, we develop and keep them as natural as possible. Feeling healthy both inside and out makes the Nahrin difference.

Swiss quality since 1954

We develop and produce our products in-house. From the first idea to the final product, we ensure the entire value chain under one roof at our production site in the heart of Switzerland. This guarantees us to meet our uncompromising standards for high-quality raw materials and first-class production. Our FSSC22000 certification, one of the highest standards in food safety, underlines the high standards of our processes and services with which we support your business. Experience our understanding of quality, climate-friendly sustainability and innovation.

Swiss family business with a global spirit

Swissness characterizes Nahrin from the first idea to the final product. As a genuine Swiss company, we live and breathe the values of our homeland. Our business relationships are based on absolute trust. This is of particular importance as our partners are ambassadors of the Nahrin philosophy and values in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our independent, family-owned entrepreneurship allows us to act and to make decisions with a short time to market and a maximum of flexibility. That creates opportunities for dynamic growth and gives your business investment protection.

Volunteering in Entlebuch

Photovoltaic installation in Sarnen

Our FSSC22000 certification, the highest standard in food safety, underlines the high standards of our processes and services with which we support your business. Experience our understanding of quality and innovation.



Quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsiveness are among the decisive factors for a company to compete successfully today. ISO 9001 specifies the minimum QMS requirements that must be implemented in order to meet customer requirements as well as other requirements for our product or service quality.


We are registered as a manufacturing company at the FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the government regulatory agency responsible for inspecting all goods marketed in the United States.



Our facility has been inspected and certified Halal.If desired, individual products can also be checked, certified and marked accordingly.




The V-Label is an internationally recognized and protected trademark for the labeling of vegetarian and vegan products and services. For consumers, it represents a simple and safe orientation aid. Companies create transparency and clarity with the V-Label. Uniform criteria and regular controls make the V-Label a unique quality seal in the categories "vegan" and "vegetarian" throughout Europe.

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Established in 1954, everything started with a small family company in Sarnen in Switzerland. Today, we operate as a global enterprise in more than 20 countries worldwide, in Europe alone with a community of over 35’000 team-members.


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