Musculoskeletal system

In today's fast-paced world, where physical fitness and overall wellness are prioritized, ensuring the health of the musculoskeletal system is integral to maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Our Musculoskeletal System supplements are expertly crafted to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking to optimize their mobility, support joint function, and expedite recovery following physical exertion. Formulated with natural ingredients known for their efficacy, our supplements offer a comprehensive solution for promoting musculoskeletal health and resilience. From promoting flexibility to enhancing strength and aiding in post-workout recovery, our products are designed to support individuals at every stage of their fitness journey. Explore our range of Musculoskeletal System supplements to discover how you can elevate your wellness offerings and empower your customers to lead healthier, more active lives

Musculoskeletal system


The product Os Art TenTen in the category Joints & Bones also contains, in addition to high-quality silicon from bamboo extract, green-lipped mussel powder from New Zealand. With a daily intake of only three capsules, you will get 860 mg of bamboo extract and over 100 mg of green-lipped mussel powder.

  • A contribution to maintain the bone density
  • To maintain or to reconstruct the substance of cartilage
  • To maintain an elastic connective tissue
  • To maintain and improve the quality of the synovial fluid
  • To maintain the various functions of the joints  
  • Anti-inflammatory
Dosage form
35.6 g / 80 capsules
Main Active Ingredients

• Bamboo extract
• Green-lipped mussel powder

Musculoskeletal system


The fruity ArtiFit Drink is an innovative complex of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, devil's claw, vitamin C and trace elements. Devil's claw extract FlexiGO™ is obtained from African roots of devil's claw. It helps to improve mobility, flexibility and joint comfort.

  • Easy to take as a drink and without added sugar
  • With tested ingredients in the field of joint health
  • With vitamin C
  • With zinc
Dosage form
250 g
Main Active Ingredients

• Vitamin C & E
• Glucosamine
• Chondroitin
• Devil’s claw extract

Musculoskeletal system

Magnesium Complex

As magnesium is an important mineral, Nahrin decided to relaunch the existing Magnesium Capsules (magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide) and reinforce it with organic combinations (magnesium citrate) and extract of the Sea lettuce. Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is considered a good source of nutrients.

  • Sophisticated formula with four different sources of magnesium for optimal absorption
  • With high quality sea lettuce extract (Ulva lactuca) naturally contains magnesium
  • For the nerve and muscle function as well as for the bones and teeth
Dosage form
48.7 g / 90 capsules
Main Active Ingredients

• Magnesium Citrat
• Magnesium Bisglycinate
• Magnesium Oxide
• Sea Lettuce extract