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“My natural kitchen”: Spicy bouillons, tasty sauces and varied seasoning products – Nahrin's delicious high quality healthy food products are full of taste and nutrients. As an experienced Swiss manufacturer, we produce them as natural as possible and place great value on only using selected healthy ingredients. Take your chance as a distribution business partner of our sales, affiliate and local brand shop network: Our message is “distributors wanted” for our rich and naturally manufactured food product range.

Be part of our food distributor company and provide your customers with allergy friendly and consequently palm oil free food products for a balanced and healthy diet. For your customers less is always more – that is why Nahrin food items contain less fat, sugar, salt and calories. Don’t miss to check out our famous fatfree bouillons and sauces we designed 40 years ago pioneering the global food market.

Benefits for your food consumers

Why are Nahrin's healthy foods the best choice for your distribution business? Because our natural kitchen food products are less everything – except taste.

High yield

Nahrin food products are high yield for a long and fruitful use.


Our food products are perfectly intended for a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet.


Processing high-quality foods, Nahrin consequently reduces sugar and sweeteners.


Nahrin minimizes the fat content of all food products and has been the first food provider to develop fat-free bouillons 40 years ago.


We manufacture our products as natural as possible and keep them allergy-friendly.

Highlights of our product range


Herbal Sea Salt

Nahrin's classic and best-seller since years consists of finest sea salt, selected herbs and vegetables. This perfect combination creates the unique and spicy flavor. It can be used both as a versatile seasoning and as a salt in its literal sense.

  • unique spicy taste
  • ideal for low-salt cooking
  • versatile use

Thanks to the balanced mixture of herbs, spices and vegetables, Herbal Sea Salt will add a special touch to almost all dishes. Be it soups, sauces, salads, egg dishes, vegetables, rice or pasta –  the Herbal Sea Salt gives that certain something. The Herbal Sea Salt is especially frequently used with potatoes or French fries. It is also great for seasoning oven vegetables. Just an unbeatable best seller and must-have in every kitchen.

Dosage form
400 g
Main Active Ingredients

Selected herbs and vegetables


Vegetable Extract

This exclusively vegetable bouillon is a true best seller among the Nahrin bouillons. Perfectly suited for seasoning or as the basis for sauces and soups, it is composed of selected vegetables such as onions, leeks, carrots or celery. Various spices give the vegan and fat-free bouillon its strong distinctive taste.

  • traditional recipe
  • for seasoning and tasting
  • intense vegetable flavor
  • very high yield
  • ideal for low-fat or low-calorie diet

Vegetable Extract is also perfect for enriching rice, pasta, vegetables, potato salads, for the preparation of meat fondue or as a basis for cooking asparagus. Since it is fat-free, it is also ideal as an ingredient for salad dressings or cold soups like gazpacho, and it contributes to a healthy balanced diet. 

Dosage form
500 g
Main Active Ingredients

Vegetable extract


Garlic Seasoning

Garlic gives its full spicy and aromatic taste to this popular seasoning. A perfect ingredient of full-bodied dishes with a typical taste of garlic.

  • delicious garlic note
  • easy to dose
  • for seasoning various dishes

The fine Garlic Seasoning deliciously and easily refines vegetable dishes, salads, soups, sauces and much more. A big advantage in relation to fresh garlic: Being dried, the garlic used contains a smaller quantity of essential oils. Therefore, it prevents the unpleasant garlic smell of breath or on the skin. Well-suited for those who do not tolerate garlic smell but still do not want to be without it.

Dosage form
280 g
Main Active Ingredients


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