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You are looking for new business opportunities? You love to provide your customers and clients with high-quality products? Whether you want to build your own direct sales and network marketing business or expand your existing product portfolio in the area of food supplements, food and/or cosmetics – a strategic distribution partnership with Nahrin will support you to achieve your business goals and to take the advantage of a vast market potential. In addition, you promote people to live a happy and healthy life. A win-win-situation for all!

  • It is a pure joy to bring Nahrin to the Czech customers as I am completely sure of the quality of these products. There are hundreds of thousands of customers in Czech Republic, who repeatedly convince themselves about Nahrin TOP quality during more than 25 years of our cooperation with the Nahrin company! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Swiss Nahrin and I appreciate the professional approach and also the friendly and family atmosphere.

    Jiří Lízálek Jr. | Just CS s.r.o, Czech Republic

  • I joined as an agent for Nahrin in 2012. For nearly ten years, Nicole Jüstrich has been always very friendly and supportive and so are other Nahrin members. It is my great pleasure to be part of this international community introducing natural high quality Swiss product to Japanese customers.

    Erick Takeda | Stytice Inc., Japan

Expoit your potential in growing markets

Modern consumers care about a healthy lifestyle more than ever. This is reflected in a variety of choices like sports, wellness, beauty and a complete nutrition. Many people are willing to spend money on high-quality products and sustainably manufactured items. And they prefer natural food with healthy ingredients, herbal essences and spices. With Nahrin’s portfolio of Swiss quality food supplements, food and cosmetic products you enable clients and customers to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. And you set the right steps into a fast growing market, advancing a worldwide trend.

Perfect opportunities for business partners

Benefit from our global success with high-quality products and decades of business experience as a manufacturer in the food supplementary, food and cosmetics industry. With our proven profitability and business performance a sales partnership as an independent partner will open you the door to excellent long-term rewards. You will profit from a growing demand for natural, sustainably manufactured products and the high level of esteem that Swiss know-how enjoys worldwide. With Nahrin’s pioneering spirit and the high quality of our product range you take part in developing and serving attractive markets.

New sales partners wanted!

You will have access to our comprehensive expertise and will share the long-term success of our perfected business model. As a member of the Swiss Association of Direct Selling Companies we are committed to respecting the association’s code of conduct. Actually, we are one of the biggest direct sales companies in Switzerland. So direct Sales is one of our core competences – not only in Switzerland but around the globe. In case it’s not yours, we are open to develop any other distribution format in your market. As independent partner, you choose your preferred distribution channel to market our products in your territory. Whether it’s through your network of sales representatives as a classic direct sales model with single-level marketing, host or party sales, multi-level marketing or any hybrid form of direct sales. Or whether it’s indirectly through retail at carefully selected point of sales such as drugstores, department stores, shop-in-shop systems etc. It’s all depending on your experience, your know-how and your network.

Positioning your Nahrin business you choose the nature of collaboration for an attractive sales partnership depending on your background. Learn more about our business and collaboration opportunities:

What do I get in a Supplier-Distributor partnership?

Have a look at our business benefits for distributors: Whether you want to extend your product range or to launch new business undertakings we give you the support you need and offer a one-stop solution providing sustainably manufactured products, comprehensive services and strategic marketing materials. Furthermore, Nahrin’s & business model is designed to give experienced distributors like you the opportunity to achieve an attractive turnover in their local market.  

What do I get in a product distribution franchise partnership?

You are interested in selling healthy items sustainably produced for consumers with a modern lifestyle? But you want more than just distributing products? With Nahrin you seize a unique business chance to represent a world wide known brand. We offer a type of product distribution franchising that is adaptable to various distribution channels. As our franchise partner, we grant you the exclusive right to sell our products in your territory. You will be our representative in your market using our trademark, trade name, and logo. You will not only sell our products but also build brand awareness and a Nahrin community. You are our brand ambassador in your market. What we provide you with is a well established brand, high-quality products and a reliable service.

Our Swiss family business values

At Nahrin, we not only believe in our values, we live them every single day by running our Swiss family business.

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Swissness characterizes us from the first idea to the final product. As a genuine Swiss company, we live and breathe the values of our homeland.


Our business relationships are based on trust. This is of particular importance as our partners are ambassadors of our values worldwide. 


We see us as a small part of a larger whole: As a pioneer of sustainability we designed a CO2-free production and carefully interact with nature. 


We continuously develop, produce and optimize innovative products in-house. This enables us to ensure the entire value chain under one roof. 

Become our sales business partner

You are interested in the Nahrin business opportunities as a partner? When you want to know more we encourage you to talk to us. Just send us a short message and we will contact you to answer your questions and provide you the personal information you need.

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