Success story of our Swiss direct sales company

Nahrin is one of the largest direct sales companies in Switzerland. What began in 1954 as a small Swiss family business has become a global brand of natural food supplements, food and cosmetics. Still located in Sarnen, in the heart of Switzerland, we successfully operate as an international enterprise and sell our unique natural products in more than 20 country markets. In Europe alone with a community of over 35’000 direct sales advisors.

Today, consumers who care for a healthy lifestyle enjoy our high-quality products. Sustainably manufactured of selected natural ingredients at our CO2-free production site, we sell them through our international network of direct sales partners. Whether they are distributors or franchise entrepreneurs, they add what goes beyond our products: their motivation and personal commitment. Since more than 60 years we believe in the way of direct selling. Our distribution and network marketing partners make the difference.

Becoming part of our distribution network means to sell a success story from nature. All of our food supplements, food and cosmetic products are developed, manufactured and quality-tested inhouse with latest technology from our long-term experienced expert teams. They attach great importance to achieving compliance with our highest quality standards in order to provide you with finest products with a touch of Swissness.

Discover our product portfolio and check out your business opportunities as distributor or direct selling partner in our franchising network. Take the next step to reach your goals.

Who we are

  • One of the largest Swiss direct sales companies

  • Swiss manufacturer of natural high-quality food supplements, food and cosmetics

  • Passionate innovator for a better and healthier lifestyle

Direct sales advisors in Europe 
> 20
Countries worldwide 
> 500
kWh solar power / year

Our Swiss family business values

At Nahrin, we not only believe in our values, we live them every single day by running our Swiss family business.

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Swissness characterizes us from the first idea to the final product. As a genuine Swiss company, we live and breathe the values of our homeland.


Our business relationships are based on trust. This is of particular importance as our partners are ambassadors of our values worldwide. 


We see us as a small part of a larger whole: As a pioneer of sustainability we designed a CO2-free production and carefully interact with nature. 


We continuously develop, produce and optimize innovative products in-house. This enables us to ensure the entire value chain under one roof. 

Our history


Nahrin Switzerland acquired Nahrin Italy in 2021.


With the installation of photovoltaic elements on our production, warehouse and office premises, we are increasing our contribution to a sustainable corporate orientation. The 924 newly installed solar modules on the roofs of Nahrin AG deliver 270,000 kWh at full capacity.


The increasing number of oil palm plantations is destroying rainforests and causing significant ecological and social problems in the producing countries. For these reasons, we are refraining from using palm oil altogether.


In order to improve the productivity of the processes, to increase the storage capacity and at the same time to optimize the occupational safety of the employees, our fully automated high-bay warehouse has been in operation since 2005.

The production area was doubled in 2005.




Our capsule machine has already been in operation since 2003. In the meantime, a second capsule machine was installed so that we can meet the high demand for many different capsule products.


We have been supporting external companies in the creation of product ranges since 1990. From the brainstorming and development of the recipe to the production, filling and packaging. We are happy to incorporate our many years of experience and our Swiss quality awareness into projects worldwide.


In 1987 we launched our top seller for many years: Artichoke Bitter.


Thanks to the high growth, a new building for administration, production and logistics was built in 1986.


With the launch in 1985 of the Narosan multivitamin line we started its success story and entered the food supplements market.


Since the beginning of the 1980s the steady expansion of our export markets requires a further extension of the Nahrin headquarter in Sarnen.


Since the beginning of the 1980s the steady expansion of our export markets requires a further extension of the Nahrin headquarter in Sarnen.


In 1974 the company Nahrin AG was taken over by the Jüstrich family.


Bouillon vegetable extract, Nahrom, mountain juniper were our first products and are still among our top sellers.


After the foundation of Nahrin AG in 1954, the office building with attached factory and logistics was put into operation.

Your contact partner

Danijel Cekic

Member of the Board,

Head of Export and Private Label

"The strategist"

Danijel leads the Export and Private Label business units of Nahrin with great commitment and success. With his professional and at the same time personal approach and positive attitude he’s definitively a winning person who makes up our team.

Nicole Jüstrich
Co-owner of Nahrin, Global Brand Manager
"The memory"

Nicole is on board of Nahrin since several decades and embodies the philosophy of her family business with heart and soul in the daily business. Her memory is incredible and she’s, so to speak our alive Nahrin encyclopedia.

Larissa Gasser

Key Account Manager

"The Organizer"

Larissa takes care of some existing export countries and manages a new partnership from the first exchange to great and long-term success. As an organizer, she keeps track of everything, works solution-oriented and tries to fulfill (almost) all wishes – in a calm and pleasant way.

Flavia Bachmann

Marketing & Communication

"The Communicative"

No matter what inquiry you have about our products, Flavia can provide you with competent information. She has an open ear for suggestions and requests in product management. With her distinctive thinking style, she supports you in marketing and strengthens the Nahrin brand.

Veronika Kiser

Sales Support Key Account Management

"The solution-oriented"

Veronika manages our back office in the area of sales support. With her solution-oriented manner, she ensures that everything runs smoothly and supports us with her many years of experience in order processing, notifying transports and is a professional in creating customs documents.