Become a Nahrin distributor

Are you looking for profitable distribution opportunities? You are experienced in marketing products and have a strong network of independent partners, affiliates and selected retail stores? We have a strong focus on the development of our international b2b business and our sales relationship to distribution entrepreneurs. At Nahrin, we regard it as a core task to provide assistance to market our products successfully in your area and to give you the support you need to grow your distributing business in a long-term perspective as a trusted and valued distributor.

Why distributing Nahrin?

  • Our business success is based on a strong international sales network of distribution and franchise partners.

  • As one of the largest direct sales companies in Switzerland, Nahrin has an impressive track record in creating value for professional quality-oriented distributors in many countries.

  • We continuously maintain and improve our cooperation partnerships in order to provide our sales partners with new market chances.

  • We expand our product portfolio to enable our international partners to cover the needs of a broad target group.

  • We find it crucial to continuously launch new products which are innovative and address current market demands.

Become our sales partner

Extensive product portfolio with proven products

Only the best is good enough is our brand core and our credo when it comes to our products. We offer sustainably manufactured high quality products with carefully selected raw materials. Our product range with food supplements, food and cosmetic items covers various areas of impact for a healthy lifestyle no matter of young or old. We continuously launch new products that are completely developed, manufactured and quality-tested inhouse at our headquarters in Switzerland.

You are a valued partner

You are more than just a customer, we regard you as a valued partner. At Nahrin, the very special kind of a personal distribution partnership really makes the difference. In other words, we follow the idea of quality over quantity. This is our philosophy that is expressed in the way we select and care about distributors, give them the support they need and help them to grow their sales business.

Dynamic and flexible structures

Thanks to our traditional family business structures we are able to operate dynamic and flexible. With flat hierarchies, short internal processes and an efficient decision making, we quickly develop profitable solutions for you and your distribution business. At Nahrin, we manage the whole value chain under one roof. That allows us to operate straightforward and independently in line with the market's individual needs. Our expert team is able to identify the needs of our stakeholders and to respond immediately to new trends.

Benefit from long-year international expertise

From Nahrin you get more than high quality products – you get a global long-term expertise in profitable market segments. As one of the most successful direct sales companies in Switzerland, we know what we do and most important: we love what we do. That is why our business grew steadily over more than sixty years from a small family company to an international market player. Accordingly, you benefit from an expertise in product development, a CO2-free production, logistics and distribution solutions from one single source. Find out more about Nahrin’s business expertise.

Reliable cooperation with outstanding service

We are more than just a manufacturer and a supplier, we are a reliable business partner. As a core value of our brand Swiss quality is not only a question of our products, it also characterizes our service level. We are always here to answer your questions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for all product and distribution opportunity related inquiries. Our service team provides you any information you need. We support your sales activities as well as your marketing efforts and are happy to share our experiences from other markets.

Learn more about our distribution partnership

You are interested to become our distribution partner in your area? Have a look at our business benefits: Whether you want to expand the product range of your distributorship or to launch new business undertakings we give you the support you need and offer a one-stop solution providing sustainably manufactured products, comprehensive services and marketing support. You profit from Nahrin’s business model, that is designed to give you the opportunity to build a fruitful distribution in a growing market segment.

Trust in a long-term commitment

We always have been quick to spot the food and health trends and build up our sales activities in international markets. Accordingly, we developed and enhanced our product portfolio in the fields of food supplements, food and cosmetics throughout the years. Nahrin has become a well-established and leading brand to demanding consumers in European territories and beyond. It is our vital interest providing our Swiss quality products also in new territories with a great potential of healthy lifestyle consumers of all ages. Thus, you are welcome to the global Nahrin family as a motivated distributor and sales partner who loves to develop the potential of new and growing markets.

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