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“My personal care from nature”: As a distributor and consultant for personal care products you provide your customers with Nahrin cosmetics excellent healthy solutions for their daily personal care. Infused with complexes of active ingredients based on herbal essences and biotechnologically designed ingredients our personal care products are filled with expertise and daily well-being. They enrich the skin and nourish the body in a natural and effective way. Selling Nahrin’s high-quality personal care as a distributor or franchise partner, you can be sure to provide consumers allergy-friendly cosmetics of top-quality, sustainably processed and free from harmful additives.

Benefits for your cosmetics consumers

Nahrin’s beauty and personal care products provides your customers a full range of benefits – and will have a positive effect on your distributing business.

Power from nature

Nahrin products are based on selected plant extracts and herbal essences. Thus, we underline our focus on rich natural ingredients.

Developed in-house

We develop our products in-house in order to meet our uncompromising standards for high-quality raw materials and manufacturing excellence. 


As one of the essential key-principles of the Nahrin brand, certified quality makes the difference of our innovative product range.


Providing our customers products for a conscious and healthy lifestyle, we develop and process them as natural as possible. 


We manufacture our products as natural as possible and keep them allergy-friendly. 

Highlights of our product range

Aroma Therapy

Oil Plus 33+7

A precious blend of 33 natural essential oils from many plants harvested at the best time and sustainably processed with love. They are in perfect harmony with 7 natural plant extracts that add their oil solidity and intensity in order to complement each other to form the aromatic soul.

  • regulates and restores the body’s natural
  • balancing
  • versatile use
  • beneficial for body and soul

This very special blend of oils and plant extracts has been developed according to an old recipe. The precious essential oils and plant extracts can be selected and blended into various groupings which create a delightful, complementary fragrance effect. Everyone will benefit from Olio Plus in the most appropriate way: The versatility and synergy between the ingredients make Olio Plus suitable for a thousand and one uses -  beneficial for both body and soul.

Dosage form
50 ml
Main Active Ingredients

33 essential oils
7 extracts

Herbal creams

Hand Cream

The moisturizing hand cream based on chamomile intensively nourishes and replenishes the skin. High-quality active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and St. John’s wort leave a soft and smooth velvety skin feeling.

  • nourishes the skin and protects against irritation
  • absorbs quickly
  • heavenly pleasant but discreet scent

The Hand Cream nourishes the skin pleasantly and protects against irritation and flaking caused by the cold, detergents or disinfectants. It is emollient and helps to regain elasticity. The natural balance of the skin is maintained. The protecting active ingredients penetrate quickly and do not leave a greasy touch. It has been especially developed for people who are looking for a fast absorbing hand cream with a heavenly smell – for women and men.

Dosage form
100 ml
Main Active Ingredients

St. John's wort extract
Hyaluronic acid (encapsulated)

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